How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

June 05, 2018

How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

How to choose the Best sunglasses that fit your face Shape.

Sunglasses are summer accessories, not only for style but also for health reasons. The sun in many countries like the Southern States of the USA and South America or Europe - France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece etc. is very strong, especially in the summer, and it is often impossible to open our eyes without the protection give us the sunglasses when you're out.

The most common question you are asking about sunglasses and wood watches is that "I do not know the model - eyeglass frame - better suited to the shape of my face".
So we did a simple sunglasses guide. We hope to help you decide on the style of our sunglasses of wood that fits your face!

But remember! Everyone is unique! So you have to wear this kind of style that you like and think you look better! Unless you are Woddy passionate - then all styles of sunglasses look perfect on your face :)

I have some useful tips here.

How to choose the Best wooden sunglasses that fit your face

First of all, you have to look in the mirror and see the shape of your face. There are many face shapes, but we'll only try to describe the most popular shapes: heart, round, triangle, oval, and square.

The shape of the HEART face has a slightly wider area of cheeks with a larger forehead and a pointed chin. We recommend wearing square wooden sunglasses. The best style that suits you is the butterfly, cat eyes, aviator or round sunglasses will soften the features of your face. It is better to avoid “drop style” frames.

The ROUND face shape has softer angles with slightly wider cheekbones, broad forehead and jaw. Try to wear style wooden sunglasses, any rectangular shape as aviator, square, wayfarer, cat-eye style, so your face appears longer and thinner. It is better to avoid rounded frames.

The shape of the face TRIANGLE has a narrow front like the shape of the pear. The eye line widens on the cheeks and chin. Use sun-dropped wooden sunglasses with a sharp eyeglass frame. This will improve your person's proportions. You can also choose square sunglasses with sharp angles. Wooden sunglasses that fits you: The best choice for you is eyes-cat, butterfly, aviator or club master eyes.

The shape of the OVAL face has balanced proportions. If you have an oval face shape you are lucky, because most styles of sunglasses fit you. The frame of the wooden glasses should be at least the same width as your face. Wooden sunglasses that suit you: Round, club, butterfly, aviator, cat eye. Try to avoid very small or too big sunglasses.

SQUARE-shaped faces have a strong and intense jawline with wide forehead and cheekbones. Perfect application round.
Wooden sunglasses that fit you: Wear OVAL sunglasses, cat-eye, aviator style sunglasses and avoid square sunglasses.

We hope the sunglasses guide suits you, helped you decide which shades are perfect for you. Remember that these rules, tips I would say, were made not to restrict others to help you pick those glasses that flatter you and fit you the most.

Find what fits you perfectly in our wood sunglasses collection. Now is time for shopping!

Our wooden sunglasses models are hand-made and have high-absorption contact lenses.

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